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Research Areas

We are working in Marine Natural Products


We have extracted several types of Collagens from different Marine fishes including Whale shark cartilages, Blue shark cartilages, Tilapia skin, Silvertip shark cartilages, Mahi mahi bone. 

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We are more specialized in fabrication of Biomaterials such as scaffolds, hydrogels, 3D matrix, films and microsperes using collagen, gelatin, chitosan, hydroxyapatite, calcium nanoparticles, chondroitin sulphate, etc.

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Bone Tissue Engineering

Our research team has main focusing in Bone tissue engineering using marine derived biomaterials. We are more specifically focused on Bone ossification, resorption, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis. Also our team is working on autocrine, paracrine and juxtacrine signaling mechanism of different bone cells in bone homeostasis. 

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Our team is working on the signaling mechanism of marine derived medicinal products (For ex.  Fungi fibrinolytic compound 1 (FGFC1) from different Marine Fungus ) on thrombolytic effects through in vitro and on acute pulmonary thromboembolism animal model in vivo.

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Medicinal Foods

We are working in different medicinal foods (Functional Foods). For instance, effect of Silkwork pupa protein hydrolysates aginst Type 1 Diabetes

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Marine derived medicines for treating Burn injuries, wound healing and skin moisturization 

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